Ghosted. Seriously? WTF.

I didn't know what ghosting was until a few months ago and I sure as hell never thought it would be happening to me just a few weeks later. And I gotta tell ya, it is fucking brutal, extremely painful, and completely unnecessary unless you're in an abusive relationship. Some relationships are prohibitive and restrictive. … Continue reading Ghosted. Seriously? WTF.


You’re Kidding. Right?

I don't get it. I just don't get it! Just when I think I've done well In managing the hard shit life has been throwing at me lately With maturity and dignity and grace And still keeping my sanity and emotional balance intact No matter how brutal the waves of backlash No matter how great … Continue reading You’re Kidding. Right?

No Time

It's a heart wrenching thing when someone whose world used to revolve around you, and yours around them, suddenly has no time for you. The I can't talk now's. The I'm just really busy right now's. The I'm too tired right now's. The I'm with my girlfriend right now's are clear tells that you've lost … Continue reading No Time