My Coming Out Anniversary

11 years 11 days ago I came out. Though I didn't know I was going to do it At the time. A late bloomer Newly married It wasn't planned Or even a thing I thought I would ever do. There were no banners No parades No fanfare No proclamations that Trish's life matters. Just the … Continue reading My Coming Out Anniversary


7 Year Anniversary : Woot!

WordPress just sent me a Happy Anniversary to celebrate my joining them 7 years ago. Wow. Was it only 7 years ago? It feels like it's been a lifetime. And I suppose in some ways it has been. My entire life changed before I started blogging, and it was that very change that prompted this … Continue reading 7 Year Anniversary : Woot!

No Time

It's a heart wrenching thing when someone whose world used to revolve around you, and yours around them, suddenly has no time for you. The I can't talk now's. The I'm just really busy right now's. The I'm too tired right now's. The I'm with my girlfriend right now's are clear tells that you've lost … Continue reading No Time