Taking Back My Maysa

Stuck in a sensual groove right now. She's in my head. My blood. My soul. I gave her up but I never really let her go. She's ever-present in my moods. Soft. Sultry. Sexy AF. Her smooth mellow notes carving deep, permanent grooves in the vinyl of my life. Her renditions seduce me, open me … Continue reading Taking Back My Maysa



It took a minute. Well. More than a minute. More like 5 years and then some. And when I say it like that it almost seems ridiculous, doesn't it? And I almost feel a little foolish that it's taken me so long. But the heart is a thing not always controlled. I finally understand You … Continue reading Goodbyes…

First Loves, Emotional Shifts and Strings From the Past.

There's been a shift in my emotional landscape. Well, more like a fucking earthquake. An internal shaking on the surface of my heart has resulted in a sudden release of life-altering energy in my personal lithosphere. Um... that's my way of saying my world lately has been astronomically rocked. And whether it's been in a … Continue reading First Loves, Emotional Shifts and Strings From the Past.