Say Nothing: I’ve Finally Given Up On You.

It's a day off and I'm chillin. I've been surfing YouTube for new music. I love discovering new artists. New to me that is. 😉 And today I discovered Chester Lee. He's so amazingly talented! I don't know why he's not blowing out mainstream yet. Powerful lyrics and so much heartfelt emotion. I'm definitely a … Continue reading Say Nothing: I’ve Finally Given Up On You.


Lonely Roads #4

On the bus again. Going home. Tunes on the iPod. It didn't die after all. Dispatch updates the driver. A messy collision on Highway 10 reminds all of us how cruel these lonely roads can be. Hurting songs block out the noise as heartbreak and loss seep into my ears. The soulful croon of women haunted … Continue reading Lonely Roads #4