Ghosted. Seriously? WTF Pt 2: Goodbyes

In my recent post on being ghosted by my eX, I ranted about how cruel ghosting is and how cowardly I think it is to not say goodbye to someone you had an intimate relationship with and just ignore them as if they never existed. She must have literally taken this as a personal challenge, … Continue reading Ghosted. Seriously? WTF Pt 2: Goodbyes


Strong. Beautiful. Community.

My phone exploded with messages from friends and family telling me of the horror. I had barely been at work an hour when the texting began. Slowly a first. A then a flood of concern and inquiry. "Is everyone at Home alright?" They asked. "I think so. Why? What's happened?" I had no idea. "Turn … Continue reading Strong. Beautiful. Community.

Time Lessons

She promised she would never leave. But she did. I’m sure she’s forgotten and expects to be forgiven the breaking of her word. She said she couldn’t imagine life without me in it. Clearly, she didn’t realize imagination is limitless. She said we’d be friends. I see no evidence of that. She never calls, or … Continue reading Time Lessons


It's been a while. I know. Life has gotten simpler and yet much more complex. My priorities are changing, and mostly now, by my design. And I am finally beginning to fully embrace the intellection of loss. A walk gently into the night is not exactly how I would describe this figuring out. This understanding. … Continue reading Loss