Ghosted. Seriously? WTF Pt 2: Goodbyes

In my recent post on being ghosted by my eX, I ranted about how cruel ghosting is and how cowardly I think it is to not say goodbye to someone you had an intimate relationship with and just ignore them as if they never existed. She must have literally taken this as a personal challenge, … Continue reading Ghosted. Seriously? WTF Pt 2: Goodbyes


Ghosted. Seriously? WTF.

I didn't know what ghosting was until a few months ago and I sure as hell never thought it would be happening to me just a few weeks later. And I gotta tell ya, it is fucking brutal, extremely painful, and completely unnecessary unless you're in an abusive relationship. Some relationships are prohibitive and restrictive. … Continue reading Ghosted. Seriously? WTF.