Millennial Child

Unrealistic worldview?

Socially conscious?

Acceptable grossly exaggerated sense of entitlement?

No ownership of chaos?

Linear all inclusive me, me, ME?

Lacking in human empathy?

Sensitivity of others opinions obliterated?

Untolerated questioning of them?

Diversity a convenient slogan?

But only when applied to self?

Is this our children?

The future?

It’s frightening to consider.

And the world is already a scary scary place.

“Expression of and respect for different opinions, and growing from the sharing is also extremely valuable. Even our own two eye don’t have the same view, and as a result have to work together to gain perspective.”

I read this quote a few minutes ago in the comment section of a blog post called “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear”…whatever the fuck they want seemed to the be gist of it lol! And I say Hurray for freedom of self expression and self governance!

But this quote embodies exactly what I was trying to convey today in a conversation I was having with daughter – a Millenial Child – and the divide that exists between Generation X and hers. I’d like to think that as a loving and close mother and daughter duo we can overcome our generational distinctions, and/or at least agree to keep open minds and hearts and never cross the line of indifference, intolerance… and never subjugate our personal truths.

Admittedly, it’s a challenge.

But hasn’t it always been?

Didn’t our parent’s bitch about us?

And their parents about them?

It’s kinda what we do…

But there is definitely a brooding dialogue afoot and everyone is getting in on it!

Thankfully, it’s not all on me and my kid!

Or is it?

  1.   A great beginning to what is turning into a long debate of US against THEM…sigh 😦

2) A Millenial Speaks Out About Her Own Generation: Attention Seeking or Truthsayer?

3) Ouch! (lol) Smart Asses!!! (Kinda my point!)

4) Humorous: Ya ya. I get it 😉

Yup. I could go on. But I’m sure you get the point.

It’s…a thing. A generational thing. And it won’t end here. Wait till Millennial children have children lol. Oh boy! And, before you Millennials start bitching about Gen X’s and how we’ve ruined, well, the world…remember that as much as you don’t want to be stereotyped, neither do we! There’s a valid argument for every side of this multifaceted, headless coin! So don’t bitch about us bitching about you..DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE and BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Ya…kinda stole that last bit from Gandhi. He just knew shit and said it right! 😉