Kids, Partners and Ghosts.

Struggling a bit today. Well, a lot actually. Three things are triggering me right now. My kid. My partner. And a ghost from a dark past. My Kid. I have a millennial. Nuff said lol. Kidding! She just turned 29 and up until about 3 years ago we were tight. Like mother daughter weekly movie … Continue reading Kids, Partners and Ghosts.


Thinking Can Seriously Fuck You Up. Don’t Let It!

I've decided to take the leap. Yup. I'm joining the throngs of bloggers who monetize their blogs. But it won't be this blog. Nope. I still need a space to just be me and this space is just for me no matter who reads it. 😊 I've spent the past two months reading articles, studying … Continue reading Thinking Can Seriously Fuck You Up. Don’t Let It!


I stand at the edge in despair. Dejected. Confused. Alone. A sullen spectator to the fading magnificence of my literary world. Ravaged and ruined by the conflict of rules contained within simple words of caution. A lone witness to the power in the invisible placement of intentional boundaries. I move. I shift. I aimlessly drift. Wide-eyed … Continue reading Battlefield