Lonely Roads #3

On the train heading back from Toronto. Did a solo three day stint. Been a while since I've been home. A friend needed my support. Death has touched the inner circle again and my purpose was a welcome diversion. Looking into the milky gray of the watery sunset, seeing the rolling fields of almost-green, and … Continue reading Lonely Roads #3


Thinking Can Seriously Fuck You Up. Don’t Let It!

I've decided to take the leap. Yup. I'm joining the throngs of bloggers who monetize their blogs. But it won't be this blog. Nope. I still need a space to just be me and this space is just for me no matter who reads it. 😊 I've spent the past two months reading articles, studying … Continue reading Thinking Can Seriously Fuck You Up. Don’t Let It!

Time Lessons

She promised she would never leave. But she did. I’m sure she’s forgotten and expects to be forgiven the breaking of her word. She said she couldn’t imagine life without me in it. Clearly, she didn’t realize imagination is limitless. She said we’d be friends. I see no evidence of that. She never calls, or … Continue reading Time Lessons