It took a minute. Well. More than a minute. More like 5 years and then some. And when I say it like that it almost seems ridiculous, doesn't it? And I almost feel a little foolish that it's taken me so long. But the heart is a thing not always controlled. I finally understand You … Continue reading Goodbyes…


Remembering Me

I try to do the right things Be the right person Live the right way But no matter how hard I try They are here. In between every thread Of this tapestry. I didn't invite them in. They've always been here. Dark. Menacing. Blocking the happy. Lingering in the sad spaces. I didn't realize there … Continue reading Remembering Me

No Time

It's a heart wrenching thing when someone whose world used to revolve around you, and yours around them, suddenly has no time for you. The I can't talk now's. The I'm just really busy right now's. The I'm too tired right now's. The I'm with my girlfriend right now's are clear tells that you've lost … Continue reading No Time