If you look long enough, hard enough, and deep enough, you may actually come to see who you truly are beneath the armour, behind the walls, beyond your limiting beliefs, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

She’s never really seen

The soft femininity

The desirable, womanly curves

The tempting, sensual mouth

The slow, seductive smile

The dark, bewitching eyes

She’s only seen unwanted attention.

She’s never really felt

The pull of her seduction

The lure of her sensuality

The power of her persuasion

The heat of her sexuality

The strength of her control

She’s only felt the accusation of whore.

She’s never really been comfortable with

Her ravenous need

Her insatiable want

Her wicked desire

Her lust for fantasy

Her hunger for domination

She only feeds under cover of shadow.

There has been no freedom to explore

Her honest sexuality

That did not come with hardened consequence

So she hid in plain site.

Feeling unexciting. Ordinary. Ashamed

Mired in a mood of mistrust

Her promise seen by others

Yet never seen for herself

But just now

I thought I caught a glimpse of her

In the corner of my eye

A playful, sultry temptress.

The mirror does not lie.

Stay safe. Be kind. Love yourself.


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