I promised myself that when I actually had a block of time I would sit down and revisit this blog. I’m in the middle of a two week stay-cay and I made a list of things that need doing. This was definitely one of them. To revisit this space that has been witness to me surviving coming out. A space that has seen me spiral, drown, rise and live in the moments of my life like no other. And man oh man. What a ride it’s been.

It’s been a while and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would ever write here again. But I’ve missed the freedom of writing for my soul and growing in the spaces between my fingers and the keys. I’ve missed the illumination that comes from honest reflection and expression of the tides of emotions that flow through me. I am a ravenous creature who feeds on the highs and the lows and all the in-betweens of love and life.

I am in a strange place these days. Not happy. Or unhappy. Existing in a vacuum as a coiled, anxious being. Like so many others. Not quite where I thought I would be today, and life isn’t exactly what I had envisioned when I came out. But I believe, wholeheartedly, that as long as you draw breath there is still time to change whatever you feel needs changing in order to have the life you desire. And so I begin with this one small step. To write again. Here. In my very own little sanctuary.

I’m a Writer, dag nabbit! I should be writing!

Dear Universe, I reclaim this personal space!

(It’s all about intention and affirmation. 🙂 )

Hello again, Crooked.

I’m back.

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. Hello lovely lady! I’ve missed you too lol. I get the whole family-work soaking up time thing. I haven’t had much reprieve either. Been working frontlines thru it all. And Covid? Don’t even get me started. 😏 But I’m so happy to hear from you and if I can jolt you a little and get you blogging again, well then, my work here would be done lol! Stay safe and be well and thank you for remembering me. Hope to hear from you soon…here or there lol.🥰

  1. OMG! I was just thinking about you last week and here you are lol. Soooo happy to see you back and writing again. I too have missed you and look forward to reading you again. You’re life is so much more interesting than mine hahaha. So nice to have you back Trish. ❤

    1. Aww! What a nice welcome back Denny!!! Thank you so much! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy hahaha. As for my life being more interesting…hmmm. All I can say is it’s been a ride so far for sure. I’m happy to be back and this has made me all the more…happy lol. I hope you are well!!! Stay safe. 😉

  2. So nice to have you back! I’ve missed reading you and hearing how you’re doing. Sounds like a lot has happened since you were last here. I hope there has been joy be happiness for you. You deserve it!

  3. Aww thanks, Sandy! So nice to hear from you again! I hope you are staying safe and sane in these trying times. A lot has happened and I’ll write of it in this space as time goes on. I feel like I need to work thru some things before I can truly get to the other side. But I am as happy as circumstance allows lol. It’s a strange place to be emotionally but I’m managing. I appreciate the love. 🙏🏽❤

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