Love The One You’re With

So I just had this amazing and interesting weekend in TO.

Still in the rabbit hole but shook free long enough to have a little fun. A girlz gotta do what a girlz gotta do!

Friday night I hung with one of my oldest friends whom I’ve known since I was 13. We got a little loopy. Been a while. 😉 She’s hardcore lol. I can never keep up and I don’t even try anymore hahaha.

Anyway, we listened to some serious old school tunes. Some I even forgot I knew but in instant had me jumping up, fancy dancing or dirty grinding, and yelling ” Oh My God! I remember this song!

I love that about my friend.

She’s always got the best music!

We danced, and laughed, and harmonized off key in the best way possible, and reminisced about the good ol days of high school dances and her first girl on girl kisses while I was waiting in the wings wallflowering it. Yup. I know lol.

It was really fun.

Full of belly laughs.

Which is exactly what I needed!

Yay Tammy lol. Thank you!

And then, the next day while I was ever so slightly hungover, 😉 I finally knuckled down and worked on outlining a book series idea I’ve been thinking about. That took up most of Saturday till the wee hours.


I’ve decided it’s time to try this online writing thing full time! Why not? It seems to be the way things are headed. Find a need. Find a niche. Fulfill it. Publish or create it. And go!🤪🤓🤣.

Then on Sunday evening I had dinner with my aunt and uncle. I was staying in a guest suite in their condo. We’ve recently reconnected. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve hung out with them. Too much drama. Long story. But I came out during this hiatus so you can imagine how the very air crackled with the unspoken questions when the prodigal niece returned. All was contained until the wine loosened some tongues lol. And then it started.

“WTF…you’re a lesbian now? What happened?!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

I shared my story with them. It was a little tricky at first trying to navigate all the emotions without crying, and reliving the condensed version of my coming out, to my broken heart, to my right now. But when I was done my aunt looked me deadpan, hand on hip, and declared boldly,

” You’re uncle wasn’t The One.”

She looked my uncle up and down as he sat innocently drinking his vodka and orange.

“Nope. He was a good dancer and very sexy, but I wasn’t into him the way he was into me. The sex was good, really good, but I was waiting for bigger fish to fry.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. And my uncle too, if the look on his face was anything to go by lol.

“But instead I got stuck with this old fart.” She continued, wagging a finger at him.

And then she turned and winked at me, then turned back to frown at him.

I was stunned. 😳

They’ve been together for 44 years!

But as it turns out, it wasn’t love at first sight like I had always believed. And I truly had no idea all these years!

Later, just before I fell asleep, I got to thinking about how many of us settle for less then having The One and just learn to love the one we’re with.

Today, before boarding the GO bus back home, as I sat in the Yorkdale food court eating my Manchu Wok, I found myself looking at all the elderly couples, and wondering how many of them were with Their One. Or how many had lost Their One. Or how many had never really found Their One and had decided to make do with second best.

I do believe that no matter how a relationship begins, if you can get through all the growing pains and work thru the personality quirks, in time it will bloom into a beautiful sacred thing worthy of…well, complaining about every day. 😉

And if you’re really lucky, regardless of how it begins, Love will sneak its way in there too.

Kind of a flip of the coin isn’t it?

Heads or tails.

Wait for The One?


Love the one you’re with?

I guess you never truly know who you’re gonna get either way.

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