Back On The Wagon!

So, I kinda fell off the wagon when I got my last and final rejection from her whose name I no longer speak. Yah, my emotional shit always gets in the way of my productive shit.

It’s a thing.

I am a definitely a heart-centered, sensitive person and when my emotional region gets punched in the heart, I go down. But I always get back up.

That’s a thing too.

So with forgiveness and compassion in my heart I’ve moved on and am getting back into the game. Life is way too short to stay in a place of hurt and negativity. And wasn’t nobody stressin but me. So fuck it. I let that shit go.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post saying that I was tired of being fat. That I wanted to get back to a healthier me. A sexier me. That I have no excuse for not doing this since I have a background in fitness and know my body well.

I decided I was going to see if I could create a new healthy habit using the 21 day rule. You know the one all the experts swear by: that it takes 21 days to break or create a habit? Yah, that one.

My initial goal was simple. Meditate and walk. The first baby steps on this journey to a healthier me. Just meditate every day for at least 10 minutes, and try to reach 10000 steps on my Fitbit every day.

I believe overwhelm is the reason why so many people fall off the wagon and give up on weight loss, myself included, so I purposely set a SMART goal cuz failure was not an option.

I actually got to day 10. Yay me!!!

I meditated. Did my daily 10000 steps. It was awesome and I felt amazing! But then the emotional shit hit the fan and I fell off the wagon and into that fucking rabbit hole. 😏 But I’m happy to say that I climbed back up and am back in the game with a renewed sense of “I can do this-ness!”

I still have some emotional shit circling the drain, but to be honest, I think I always will. I’m a woman. I’m emotional. I’m sensitive.

Meh…story of my life.


I’m back!

I’m on a short holiday right now and I know I’m gonna be a little bad…well maybe a lot bad πŸ˜‰, so I’m making no promises until Saturday July 20 when I’m back to work. Vacations are no time to start behavin!

But I am definitely feeling emotionally, mentally and physically ready to get back on the wagon and complete this personal 21 day challenge. I still want my sexy back!!!

So happy summer!

Kiss the sun.

Enjoy your life.

And don’t let anyone dull your fucking sparkle!😊

Love and light,

tdot β€πŸ€­πŸ€—πŸ€£πŸ₯³


9 thoughts on “Back On The Wagon!

  1. I hope you keep wearing that crown lady!
    I love this post, because it is so true that winning isn’t about everything going right, it’s about never giving up when things don’t go right. I love you for this post! Thank you!

  2. Nice!!! Such an inspirational post to remind us that even when we fall, we still succeed and that trying is more than half the battle. I love this! Thank you! I needed to read this today lol. ❀

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