Rose Coloured Glasses : Broken

It’s breathtaking how quickly

A heartless rejection

Can slap those

Rose coloured glasses

Off your face

And crush the dreaminess right out of you.

I’m somewhat grateful

For these new heart scars

From the pain of being ghosted.

Without them

I would never have seen her

For who she is now…

Or maybe that’s who she’s always been?

Did I even know her at all?

I am unsure now more than ever.

It doesn’t matter either way I suppose

I would have continued

To waste my precious love.

But now I can stop.

I’m only sad

That she has left me

With this foul aftertaste


What sweetness there was.

Not bitter… waste of energy.

Not angry… waste of energy.

Not sorry… waste of energy.

Way too much energy wasted already.

Nope. No more.

I have no resentment.

I have no regrets.

I was brave.

I came out.

I loved.

I lost.

It happens.

I’m just seeing the truth

With such vivid clarity now

Sans the rose colored glasses.

I thought I needed her words

Of explanation.

I thought I needed her words

Of kindness.

I thought I needed her.

But the brutality of her rejection

Has freed me in a way

None of her words ever could.

Interesting that.

I should have listened

In the beginning

When all the flags were red

And the many voices warned me.

I should have saved myself

And my heart

For someone else

Who would have loved me

The way I deserve to be loved.

I can’t go back to that innocence

Though I wish I could…

But I can move forward

To a love that is worthy

Of all I have to give.

So, thank you for ghosting me.

And fuck you too.

(Ok. Maybe a little resentment.)


4 thoughts on “Rose Coloured Glasses : Broken

  1. You go girl! I know this has been a rough time for you but it looks like you’re coming out on the other side and out of the shadows. Bravo. Makes me proud to call you friend! Keep your head up and your heart safe. Sending love and light to you xo

    1. Aww thanks Denny. It’s not an event, it’s a process. But it’s true. Nothings wakes you up like a cold hearted rejection. Life huh. Thanks again for the words. 💕

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