Just Hold On…


Lost in the shadow side

“White knuckling the real – the right now”

The depression is deep

Cold like ice in my veins

Dead beats in a dark heart.

She speaks to my sadness

Telling me to hold on

That I am not alone

That even though the darkness consumes

And the emptiness looms

And the regret is bitter

And the pain constricts my breath

And hope has turned her back

On my heart

That the light will find me again.

Just hold on, baby.

Hold on for another day, a new day, a better day.

It will come

You will heal

You are not alone

You are loved

So very very loved…

I will try to remember this

As I cling to the edge of the abyss

The tears scarring my face

My heart breaking again

For the last time.

Thank you, Alexis.

You speak heart ❤

I got trapped in the shadow-side the clouds enveloping me oozing fingers of the past creeping along my spine For months I couldn’t find the brand new day ~ I drifted feeling so alone and lonely grasping white-knuckled to the real- to the right now truth of I am not alone I knew that I […]

via The Brand New Day — Untangled


6 thoughts on “Just Hold On…

  1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I was reading this just thinking, yes…hold on…you are worthy and then I noticed you thanked me and included my poem. Thank you!! And YES, hold-on, even the darkest days when you only feel ice…hold on. ❤️❤️

  2. Sounds like you’re having a shit day girl. I’m sorry, and if you need an ear you know how to reach me. I too know the feelings of darkness and white knuckling to hold on to any semblance of reality. Hang in there love. It really does get better. One day at time right?! And no, you are not alone and you are most assuredly loved. Stay strong. ❤

    1. I am Denny. Sometimes I feel like I’m just never gonna get it right. I should be happy but this sadness eats away at me and it’s slowly killing me. I will write to you soon. Thanks xo

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