Live Your Life

Having trouble getting back here.

Doesn’t quite feel like home anymore.

Much has changed lately.

And I’m not sure where that leaves me


A little misplaced.

A little lost.

Feeling like a stranger in this new skinned version of me.

I observe myself

From a distance.

Still seeking… I will always seek

But of what I’m not sure anymore.

Maybe all the things

I thought I had

Were never really mine

But borrowed

For a short bit of time.

A friend died yesterday

8 weeks from diagnosis to death.

Her last words to me were:.

“Live your life, Trish.

You never know how long you have.”

And then she was gone.

Her words linger

In a whispering truth

Not as a death knell so much

But as a reminder

To find my place and be strong

And remember who I am.

And to be proud

Of all I have overcome

To become


Because I heard what she was telling me

In that moment

When the message

Truly mattered.

Thank you, Linda.


4 thoughts on “Live Your Life

  1. Dearest T, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I know how much it hurts to lose someone in a sudden and short amount of time. I feel your pain and am sending you load of love and hugs. As for not being sure of your place, I think its normal and healthy to question our place from to time. There is a lot that is unanswered and a lot to discover. But you are a survivor and there’s a reason for all you have endured. Have faith that you will find what you seek and that in time, all will be understood. Stay strong beautiful soul. You are not alone. ❤

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