I was murdered.

Stoned alive.

By the judge and executioner

Of Silence.

Bled to the bone

I am dry

Lost and forsaken to darkness

As only the punished can be.

I walk among

My demons

Their heavy cross of confusion

Mine alone to bear.

I plead I beg

I push against

The rock that encases my tomb

The walls are closing in.

I am banished

From Heaven

Cast out for the shades of my colors

Judas a name for Lust.

I am dead.

I am alive.

My hearts light faint and vanishing

Fading like a ghost.

Alone and in pain

I am trying

To forgive and find understanding.

But there is

No comfort to be found

In any

Of my prayers


I am in resurrection.


4 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. Hi T-dot. Hoping whatever is going on gets sorted out soon. Always remember that it always looks darkest before the light comes shining back in. Here’s to the light. 😊 You have my email if you ever want to talk. Take care of yourself. Sending love ❤

    1. Thanks Denny. I truly appreciate your support and might just take you up on that offer lol. You just never know! Life is full to say the least and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I still circle the rabbit hole but I don’t usually fall in anymore. It’s scary in there lol…but time will tell. Till then I do appreciate your kind words and encouragement. So thank you!😉❤

  2. Hi Tdot. I sincerely hope you’re feeling better. I feel your sadness and hurt again and wish you a speedy journey back to your happiness. Life can definitely a bumpy ridebu5 didn’t give up. You are a very special and beautiful soul. In love and light. Your friend.🌞❤

    1. I am Sandy. I get down. I reflect. And I usually get back up lol. Some days it’s harder then others and sometimss it takes a little longer to bounce back, but I never give up. Its just not in me. 😉 The life lessons I am painfully embracing right now are not easy ones, but I guess if they were easy they wouldn’t really be life lessons.😏 Thank you again for your thoughtful responses. In love and light to you as well my friend. Namaste. 🙏❤🌻

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