Is It A Love Song? Or Not?

Is it just me, or is there a western-cultural-pop-music-trend toward obsessing over someone we can’t have? Lately I’ve noticed that out of the 20 some odd songs that get ridiculously unlimited airplay, at least half the millennial crooners are talking about how they lament over one love while they are with another. I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed this trend as much as I have in the last few years, but yup, it’s a thing.

Here are just three examples of songs that still get stupid airplay (and they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t in demand) :

“Reminding Me” – Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens

She keeps reminding me that you’re still gone and I’m still lonely. He keeps reminding me how good it was when we were crazy in love.

“Back To You” – Selena Gomez

I want to hold you when I’m not supposed too. When I’m lying close to someone else. You’re stuck in my head and I can’t get you out of it. If I could do it all again, I’d go back to you.

“Do You Think About Me?” – Francesco Yates

Do you think about me baby when you’re with him? Do you think about me when you’re with your friends? When you look in his eyes do you think about me? Do you wish you were mine? Do you think about me?

I could go on and on cuz there are a bunch of them!

So, I’m just wondering if I am the only one noticing this trend?

This was not the post I had intended to write but as I was writing the other, much more serious and in depth post about the trials and tribulations of parenting a depressed millennial, I had the radio playing. And I couldn’t help but notice, not for the first time, the consistent theme prevalent on our Top 10 modern rock stations. That’s 93.1 here in good ol’ Barrie, but I have no doubt the airplay is happening everywhere.

Music really is such a strong expression of the current social heartbeat. And from what I’m hearing, millennials are growing up love-depleted, feeling incomplete, and unhappy with the love they are finding.

Kinda sad.

Maybe this lonely heart syndrome is a result of millennials rushing in and out of, well everything lol, as well as their obsessive need for instant gratification. “Nothing worth having ever really comes easy.” is not just an antiquated catch phrase our grandparents sprouted. There’s some real wisdom in that truth.

Was it always like this? Did our parents think the same thing about our generations love songs? And their parents before them?

Or am  I just getting old lol?

Be interesting to see what western-cultural-pop-music trends in 2019. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Is It A Love Song? Or Not?

  1. It’s just my opinion, but I think mainstream society leads us to unrealistic expectations.
    Of course, I think kids begin getting bombarded with things like “You can be anything you want” and then later in life find out it takes more than just desire to be something, right? I guess what I’m getting at, is that society has a tendency to push the “it’s all about me” narrative, and it is distinctly incompatible with a relationship, so there is little wonder that people are left expecting more than what they get.

    Again, just my opinion…

    I hope you are well, by the way!

    1. Love this perspective! Opinions ALWAYS welcome 😉. And you may have just hit the nail on a large part of its head lol! I am good thanks…and I hope you are as well! Trying to get back into the blogging swing. Appreciate the feedback…food for thought for sure!

  2. I love this post. It is a thing. Not so much a new thing. I’m reminded of I Want the One I Can’t Have (The Smiths) You Belong with Me (T Swift) … She Don’t Have to Know (John Legend) … I Honestly Love You (ONJ) … the line between crazy in love and, well, just plain crazy has always been a fine one. – tsk

    1. Lol I get that it’s not new, but it feels like it dominates the airwaves more so now then ever. I could write a looooong list of old songs that send messages about that crazy fine line lol but somehow I feel like they were one offs, or at least were put to us on the radio rationed out over time. Not all in one season! Lol. For a momemt it felt like a BIG dump of unhappy. But I do hear you!!! Thanks for loving my post 😉 and for chiming in TSK. Love intelligent feedback! Love it love it love it lol.

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