Found this today…

Way too relate-able right now.

I feel lonely. Like 98% of the time, I feel like I’m missing some connection with someone. I shouldn’t feel this way. I have friends. I have family. I am online and have online friends. But I constantly feel alone. I feel like I’m not understood, and it’s not like I blame anyone, because I […]

via Why Do I Feel So Lonely…? — Acquiescent Soul


5 thoughts on “Fellowship

    1. Council from the wise is just what I need. I feel so adrift amid my thoughts and feelings. Alone in my confusion and sad in choices and slowly becoming agonizingly bereft of hope. I may just send you that email sweet Shawn. Thank you ❤️

  1. I like that…and I do know it’s not. I just fell into the honey and feel like I’m drowning. But I am hanging in there. I’ve missed you and this space. I need to come back. To me. Thank you Steven. Your words always lift. 😌

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