Happy Birthday

Seems like this year is ending
The same way it began
Heartbroken, lonely
And feeling like nothing will ever be good again
You had a dream
A silly little how-hard-can-it-be kinda dream
And now you see
It was way too much to hope for
Ce la vie
Happy 51st, lady
It’s time for you to grow, to know
And to understand
In her own way she does try, but maybe
She truly doesn’t know how to love you back?
So who can you blame? No one.
History repeats
And repeats and repeats and repeats
Until something changes
And it doesn’t always have to be you
One day someone might actually change
To fit your needs
And they won’t try to change you at all
There is always hope
Till then…
Happy 51st, lady
It’s time for you to let go
Be free
Be happy
This is your life, so live it
Love will please you
Or it will not
Choose happy in spite of it
Time is chasing all of us
Don’t waste it hurting
Be glad you felt
And feel, feel, feel again
Over and over till you die
Blow out the candles…
Make a wish…
And never, ever, ever stop dreaming

Published by: t.dot

A late-bloomer who definitely came out crooked, dove in, got a little broken, patched herself up again and...voila! Upright ;) Sort of lol.

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