It occurred to me
This past day or two
That I’m unhappy now
Not living with you
I don’t know if you’ll ever
Accept me for me
Or if I can fulfill all of your
Emotional needs
But I can’t live in this place
Of worry and doubt
I want us to move in
I want us to move out
We’ll make each other crazy
Of that I am sure
But I’m lonely without you
Where it’s safe and secure
This cheesy little poem
Which I tried to make rhyme
Has given release
To this moment in time
Where I’m asking, not telling
Please live with me now
We’ll figure it out
We’ll learn to somehow
I want to live with you
And get out of my head
I want to sleep beside you
Forever ‘in your bed’
I’m so deep in this love
It hurts to be here
You are my greatest joy
You are my greatest fear
But I can no longer deny
You are my greatest everything
You make my heart full
And you make my soul sing
The road had been rough
So much time has been wasted
But I want to savor this feeling
Live a life barely tasted
I’ve let go of the past
Am embracing the new
I want my love story
And I want it with you

There. I’ve said it.
I’ve finally caught up.
Don’t think. Don’t think. Jesus don’t think!
Please, just say yes
I don’t want to wait
Or have I arrived at this place
A little too late?

Published by: t.dot

A late-bloomer who definitely came out crooked, dove in, got a little broken, patched herself up again and...voila! Upright ;) Sort of lol.

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