You don’t write to me anymore
You have no time for poetry
You don’t sing me your heart song
For the music that was me
Has left your soul
Where a fire once flamed
In your veins for my sex
There is now a quiet complacency
Your touch grows impatient
Hurried and quick
No prolonged pleasure and dreaminess
Your whisper thin
Embraces of love
Only mirror the memory
Of your gentleness
Inside me, around me, the center of my being
And the sweetness of you on my skin
Your lips are weak, the passion waning
Your kiss does not try to consume
And your eyes carry shadows
Of the hope that once soared
And regret
That it never took flight
All is silenced and empty and colder now
From what has passed
And been lost between us
Silenced and taken
By a thief in the dark
A stealer of hearts
With no chance to say

Published by: t.dot

A late-bloomer who definitely came out crooked, dove in, got a little broken, patched herself up again and...voila! Upright ;) Sort of lol.

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One thought on “Gone”

  1. I always want and desire you to distraction. I'm sorry I dont write my love songs to you anymore. I feel like I am in a place of doubt and depression. A hole so deep, I wonder if I'll ever emerge, clean, happy and light. This is my poem to you. I do rememer you. how my touch sends u to a place of ecstasy and imaginings. I feel your current, your rhythms….you.I havent forgotten you. I am lost in the rabbit hole. Frustrated, angry at a life not lived. Depression tugs at me everyday.I am struggling to emerge and I will.So no….i have not forgotten you. You are my lifeline to this world. Your kisses remind me of what I have, what I feel. What matters.I do remember you.

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