Who Really Cares

Who cares?

Who really cares?
When your heart is broken
And your dreams are gone
And you have to face the reality
That life will never be as you hoped
Who cares?
As long as you smile
And keep the status quo
Being there when they need
Being who you’re expected to be
Who cares that you are empty
Needing someone to fill your heart?
No one knows
Or cares
That you are broken
A broken record
Skipping over and over
Stuck in a groove of agony
But no one cares
And no one is listening
And so life goes on…

And you keep smiling

And continue being who you’re expected to be
You try so hard
You give so much
You ask for so little
Still you bleed till you are dry
Cuz that’s what they ask
And even when you give it
Still they want more
Always wanting more
But what about me?
When do I get what I need?
When do I finally get happy?
Ya….like that’s gonna happen.
So I grin and I smile and I say ok
Used to not getting what I really want
So God…I ask you
Why give me the desire
If you can’t fulfill the need?
Is this all there is?

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