The Letting Go

Here I am again
Hurting almost more
Then I did before
I didn’t think it
Even possible
Just one word you texted


And in that moment
My heart shattered
And I knew you were gone

It took so much
For me to say good bye
To you the first time
You will never know my truth
Or my pain in leaving you
And now
You are forcing my heart
To let you go again
And I will P
The tears and pain
Will eventually become more
Then I can bear
And I will have no choice
But to let go of you
Only this time
I will never ever
Be here again
You were wrong to think
It wouldn’t hurt me if you left
And I was so wrong
To think you might be right
The wall crumbled
The ice melted
Ironic that I, the text queen
Was taken down with one


My heart would not ache
If I didn’t love you
I could not feel such pain
If I weren’t still in love
My one and only consolation
Is that perhaps
You will find it just as hard
To finally say goodbye
To me

I’m letting go
I will leave you alone
I won’t look for you anymore
I won’t read you anymore
I can’t take this pain
You think I don’t feel
But I have always felt
Far far too much
For you
I love you Pauline
I always have
I wish it had been enough

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