Inside my heart
Is a place I cry
For the death of all that I wanted
For all that I longed for
For all that I have missed
For all that should have been
And never was
The sweep of your fingertips
Across my skin
The feel of your kiss
Warm on my thigh
The few brief glimpses of my eternal bliss
All a lie, the fairytale the lie
The princess dies
Without her prince charming
Left alone
With the rotting decay of remembrance
And the bittersweet stench of regret
Death clings to me like a shadow in the mirror
Revealing the life
I should never have lived
Showing me things
I should never have seen
Knowing things now
I should never have known
Nothing has changed
And yet everything has
I am as I was
Yet will never again
Be the same
My joy, my hope, my innocence
Is gone
The child in me is crushed
I no longer believe
In the dream
It was all a fucking lie
And I am dead
In the truth of the knowing

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