First Love Broken

You should have been the one.
And I will never understand why you weren’t.
Or why you were ever put in my path at all, if this was all that was meant to be?

I will miss you in my heart and in my soul and I will never forget who we wanted to be. I believe our connection was real. I know it was for me. And I loved you.

But when you have done all you can, have plead your last plea and made your last
bargain with God, there is nothing left but to surrender yourself to the universe and let it take your hand and guide you.

So I will end this journey now.
And begin another…

Goodbye to you as well P xo

Published by:

A late-bloomer who definitely came out crooked, dove in, got a little broken, patched herself up again and...voila! Upright ;) Sort of lol.

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