The jagged wire
That weaves through my heart
And black
Bleeding out
All the hope
That I had
That one day
You would love me
See me
Know me
For who I am
Take the gift that I brought you
And treasure it
In the bosom of your soul
Nurturing the life and the love
That bloomed
In the apex
Between my thighs
In the glow of my eyes
In the wetness of my lips now silent
Speechless from the pain
I never thought to feel
With you again

You didn’t want me
You didn’t need me
You felt nothing for me
But a wish
That somehow I would bring you
The fleeting passing remembered emotions
Of passions long dead
That you can’t revive on your own
Their life in the memories
Of the women that came before me
The women you’ve loved and left
The women who loved and left you
The women I could never be
And could never replace
The chance denied me
To shine on my own
To be the future
And be the dream we dreamed
Once the favorite doll
Now the broken toy
Untouched and left alone
With only blame and pain
Attached to my name

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