Last Overture

The curtain is drawn
The finale’s concluded
The crowds are going home
With their truest thoughts mainly unspoken
To their safe little hovels
Or magnificent homes
To martini’s in the drive way
Cuz baby can’t be woken
And I think and I sigh
And don’t really comprehend
Such a shallow subservient existence
And yet in one breath I gasp and express
That’s it!
And my eyes have finally been opened

But you don’t get that I get it
You don’t see that I see it
You don’t believe that I know
What it takes to be a part
But what’s worse is you think
That I don’t even care
What it takes to win your heart
I see through the turmoil
Through all that you see
With your perception and wisdom and eyes
And you’ve recognized me
And so much of my thoughts
Simply cuz you’ve taken the time
But still, in your judgment
And you’re critical rhyme
Do you ever really ask
Have you truly won mine?
I miss you P
The you who wanted me
And in those moments
When we are deep in the love
When you reach for me
And kiss me so sweetly
I ache so deeply
And wish you could give me
What you promised

Now the curtains are drawn
The stage lights are dim
And I ask myself
As I stand in the dark
Has this love been forsaken
And already died?
Is it over now
Living only in my heart?

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