Time Will Tell

You still have my love
Nothing has changed
Don’t abuse it
You still have my heart
And hold it in your hands
Don’t lose it
I gave you this gift
With trust, honesty and hope
And I prayed it would be received
In the same vein
It wasn’t
I am not placing blame

Now I want what I want
What I always wanted
Before the smoke and the mirrors
Before I was told I wasn’t good enough
Before my spirit was all but broken
I want a love that supports me
Feeds my dreams
Believes in me
And one that never regrets making love to me
No matter what transpires after
That realizes the gift that I am
And values all the beauty I have to offer
I am strong, I am weak, I am courageous, I am afraid
I fail, I succeed, I make mistakes, but I try
I am a woman in love
And I am human
I don’t expect my love to be anything more
Or anything less then I am
But I do expect to be happy
I deserve it and now I am demanding it
It’s my turn to choose what I want
As it should have been all along
I may have found the love I seek
But has that love really found me?
Only time will tell
So here I sit
On the other side
Of the great wide divide
Confused and haunted and aware of its vastness
Loving from a distance

Because for now
It’s all I can do

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