Grimy, dark and slick
Bodies writhe in sweat, gyrate in lustful abandonment
Flesh exposed, fingers prodding and sheathed deep within
Lips swollen, mouths wet and seeking
It doesn’t matter there are no faces
It’s about the sensations, immediate gratification
Spoiled grown children demanding
Debauchery rampant, incest inherited naturally
Evil destructive minds, selfish impulses
Take, destroy, manipulate
Love, abuse, manipulate
Is it genetic?
I don’t understand
The gutters bleed my innocence on those crooked twisted lonely streets
Spiraling down into the sewers I flow
Mingling with the underbelly of seediness
Corruption and eternal damnation
This is not my dream
Toxic lesbians abound

Fingers track the sweat between my breasts
Lips seek the beating pulse of my need
Your eyes plead, beg, devour
I am powerless to fight your passionate poison
Your push your pull your love your hate
I am sickened with your feverish grip
Tainted, damaged and broken now
You’ve taken my innocence, purity and truth
Twisted it to suit your needs and desires
You’ve left me with nothing of my own
Feeling nothing I do or have has value
I am not a lesbian from your culture
I am a new breed
Loving, compassionate and worthy
Never toxic
Never cruel
Simply not like you

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