The Lesbian Shuffle: In Response

It’s late
I’m tired but I can’t sleep
The day has been long and taxing
And I want to forget the drudgery of life
I can hear the rain outside
It’s coming down hard
I’d love to dance in it right now
Feel its sleek wetness on my face
Its teasing fingers soaking my clothes
Cooling my overheated skin
Never far from my thoughts
She is there
I met her at the bar last week
Totally boi with beautiful full breasts
Charming and sensual and very bold
She enchanted me with her sexy crooked smile
And her hazel or were they light brown eyes?
Whatever color they were, they locked onto me
And stayed focused on me all night
I felt her energy, raw and passionate
A little frightening in its intensity
Yet reassuring somehow
We talked with comfort and ease
The recognition of two old souls
She felt familiar somehow
When she placed her hand on my knee
I buckled inside
Wanting her to touch me
But afraid of the unknown
She leaned in to kiss me
I wanted to know
The feel her lips
So I let her
But when she did it twice
I moved away
Just enough to let her know
She had not made a conquest of me yet
I remember how she smiled
As if she knew something I didn’t
She backed off a little
I was disappointed
Thinking she didn’t want me
That she found me lacking in some way
But then
When I thought she had forgotten
She moved her hand up the inside of my thigh
Slowly, deliberately
All the while looking into my eyes
Seeming to ask my permission
Yet letting me know
That I was powerless
Such a delicious, sinfully sweet feeling
I felt myself getting wet
And I could tell by her smile
By the way she watched my mouth
That she knew
When she leaned in to kiss me a third time
I had no desire to stop her
Her lips were warm and soft
Her kiss so gentle
At first light and tender, then slowly bolder
My head was spinning
My breath shallow and short
Her hand moved further up my thigh
As her kiss intensified
It was so incredibly hot
Then she stopped
Stilled her hand
Her fingers just inches away…
And when I opened my eyes
Which I didn’t realize I had closed
She smiled
And breathed me in

I am a little afraid
Of where I want to go
But I want to go there anyway
It’s all so new and so foreign
But I am curious
She excites me
God, I want to see her again

Published by:

A late-bloomer who definitely came out crooked, dove in, got a little broken, patched herself up again and...voila! Upright ;) Sort of lol.

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