Inside the smoke filled bar
Through a haze of soft blue and neon lights
The beat of the sensual music flooded the room
The crowd thinned as I moved to the dance floor
My eyes searched for then found

Hips swaying slowly from side to side
Arms long and smooth, raised above her head
The soft light captured the silhouette of her breast
Nipple erect beneath the satiny sheen of her dress

I wanted to touch her
Feel her heat
Walk up slowly behind her
And place my hands on her hips
Then move my body against hers
I knew I would match her rhythm perfectly

I had seen her watching me with those dark intense eyes
Eyes that had made me melt with a glance
There was no mistaking the desire in their depths
I knew what she wanted from me

I stepped closer
My body seeming to move of it’s own free will
I could smell her sweet scent
Vanilla and amber musk
It filled my lungs, my head, my senses

She turned slowly
My breath stopped
She opened her eyes and penetrated my soul
That slow sexy smile heated my skin

I breathed again; heart beating heavy in my chest
She reached her hands out to me, beckoning me
Hips swaying slowly to the sensual beat
Eyes liquid and hot, lips soft and moist
I could not resist her

I reached out and she pulled me in
Placed my hand on the small of her back
Her body burned into mine
Her lips hovered above my own
White heat
I am addicted

She is intoxicating

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