That Thing

When two people
Truly connect
And discover each others
Passion sexually
It is a beautiful
Intimate thing
That penetrates deep
Leaving you exposed
And unafraid
Wanting more
So much more
Whether fleeting
Or for a lifetime
Respect it
Honor it
Cherish it
Because that passion
That heat
That thing
Doesn’t happen
Every day
And not everyone
Gets a chance
To experience
The power
The magic
The magnificence of
That Thing
But everybody
Every body
Absolutely everybody
In the universe
Wants it
Wants that chance
To experience
Equality in sexual abandonment
Without insecurity
Without reprimand
Without guilt
Because it is
The ultimate expression
Of the sweetest of the sweetest things
You can share
With another
Human being
And that connection is
In it’s purest and simplest form
Without complication
Without restriction
Without conscious thought
It is simply
A feeling
And when we are there
We know it
We recognize it
And we desire it above all else
Because it is our essence
It is what we are
It is why we are here
And why we want so badly to be
And that’s why it’s so hard
To give it up
When we find it
Because it is so
It can bring you to tears
And once experienced
It is never ever

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