Though I should not have to be
I should be free to be me
To say what I feel
To let you know
That I think of you
Every waking moment
Of every day
That I wish you would
Talk to me
Be my friend
To tell you that
I need you
But instead
I am silenced
My voice taken away
I have become invisible

Maybe someday
Will love me
Without conditions
Let me be free
To speak my heart
Write out my love
And never ever
Ask me to be

Maybe one day
I will matter more
To someone
Than I do to you
Right now

I can’t stay here
In this place of
Fantasy and dreams
It’s not real
And it hurts too much
Here I am always
Looking for you
But there is only
The memory
Of you
You’re on the other side
Of the silence that
Surrounds me
Haunting me
Just out of reach
In the shadows
Of a passion
I can’t touch
It’s tearing me apart
It seems no matter
What choices I make
I hurt

I can’t do this
I am weak
When it comes to you
But I will get stronger
And then
I won’t cry out
To you anymore
From my silence


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