You ask for it
You seek it
But are you equipped to deal with it
You ask me if I feel safe
Giving my heart to you
For safe keeping
But are you prepared for the reality
For the truth in my answer
You think I want you to insulate me
From the world and all its cruelty and harshness
But in truth it is you I need protection from
Your insensitivity, your anger, your demands
You love me and I know this
But it comes at such a high cost
Dare I step outside the boundary
Cross some imaginary line
Dare I be myself
And shed the mask of identity you have created for me
To be myself
Do I risk losing you
Is that love or control
Is it me you want or the idea of me
A warm body to touch and be touched by
Is it me you love
Or the idea of being in love
This is my honesty
This is what I would tell you
If you really wanted the truth
But I don’t think you do
When I touch on this truth
You grow distant
You grow silent
You become insecure
You become hurtful
You break my heart
With your honesty
You don’t love me
You never have
You simply love the idea
Of me

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