That Cocky Butch

You see the checked flannel shirt
Do you see the curve of the breast beneath?
You see the swagger of the male
Do you see the shape of the hip that sways?
You see the clenched fists, ready to defend
Do you know that they are soft, made for caressing?
You hear the roar of her thunder
Her rage rains down on you
Make no mistake
She is here
You feel her presence when she walks into the room
But do you see the lips that speak the words?
Full and tender, made for kissing
Can you sense the shyness?
See the child that hides within?
You know she will kick your ass if you mess with her
There is a real danger in her eyes
Can you also see the insecurity, the fear?
That acceptance is not on option?
The plea for love that lingers there?
She is boy
She is girl
She makes no excuses
She is what she is
You see that cocky butch
But do you see

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