August Triggers. Yup…It’s A Thing!

I've had the last two days off. My work cycle fits perfectly into my life. 3 days on and 2 days off, sometimes 3. It gives me time to do the things I love, like write, blog, read, chill out, meditate and even exercise lol. August is a hard month for me though, and right … Continue reading August Triggers. Yup…It’s A Thing!


Taking Back My Maysa

Stuck in a sensual groove right now. She's in my head. My blood. My soul. I gave her up but I never really let her go. She's ever-present in my moods. Soft. Sultry. Sexy AF. Her smooth mellow notes carving deep, permanent grooves in the vinyl of my life. Her renditions seduce me, open me … Continue reading Taking Back My Maysa


The touch The smell The warmth Of the familiar. Gone. The depth of my confusion is deep. Rethinking life. Pondering this puzzle of all puzzles. Questioning decisions And the right and wrong of it all. Feeling the regret Of moves that broke The correctness of what I had For the thing I sought And thought … Continue reading Mood