Who’s Responsible?


It’s healthy thing!

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I don’t like it when it feels like someone is always needing me.

I just want to be left alone.  Not responsible for another’s needs, or happiness.

Now I understand that others may have felt this way about my behavior.

I think I finally get it.  People want to feel free.  Neediness is constricting and threatens to take away from individuality.

It feels good to finally understand this concept.  I guess I needed to experience it myself, to understand.

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Dip inside
The waters fine
A warm caress of wetness
Pretend you feel
The heat below
The rising of my

Lay down on me
And meet my lips
My tongue awaits your tangle
A finger glide
A water slide
A blur of milk and

You tantalize
Yet hide your eyes
I see the temptress child
I feel the heat
That sweet sweet heat
And want to feel the


I close my eyes
I’m satisfied
That you and I are one
In mastermind
Of better times
When aĺl we know is love….

I miss…

I Write


she’s on a role lol…love this too!

Originally posted on learningtocry.wordpress.com:

I write to heal my wounded soul

To make the broken pieces whole

To understand my joy and sorrow

To get me through the next tomorrow

I write to hold the blue in the sky

To see the clouds go floating by

To feel the breeze upon my skin

To dream of falling in love again

I write to discover why it is I’m here

To feel the feelings and know they’re real

To see the colors so vivid and bright

To know I’m doing something right

I write because it’s what I do

I write to share my words with you

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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I’m in a moment of clarity.

And utter confusion.

It is possible to experience both simultaneously.

I know. Because I am.

I’m soaring.

But am cautious.

Crash landings.

Been in the wreckage before.

This feeling.

This thing that aches between my thighs.

This heat.

Is lust.

Pure and simple.

I recognize it. And own it.


I want to feel it.

Write of it.

Sing of it.

With lyrics smeared in this wetness of wanting.

It’s dangerous.

This Lust.

And so very fucking sexy.









She is very much on my mind.


Her Sex. Specifically…

Sensual touch. Deep kisses. That look that slays me.

Every. Single. Time.

Lovin that urges me to depths.


I miss drowning in Her.

So very very much…sigh








(Damn you Rosie. You’re are not helping!)

I digress…

I feel moved. Today.

To speak. A truth.

But I don’t know.

What to say?

But I’ve said more then I should.


I will shift and move.


Till this feeling goes away.

And marinate.

A little longer.

In this false Euphoria.

Until it does…










Stigma {personal}

Was thanking folks on FB for the birthday love from Sunday – BTW THANK YOU WP FAMILY ;) – when I came across this post and picture attached. My reaction was instantaneous and gut-felt. This was my response to the pic that deeply struck home:

“THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!! As a girl I was (still am lol) muscular. Not fat! But I always weighed so much more then my girlfriends. As a teenager. Again in my 20’s. And well into my 30’s. Things started to level out in my 40’s cuz everyone became a heavier shade of grey. Not being a size 5 or under 100 lbs made me feel like a huge monster and so unfeminine :( I just wanted to be able to say – just once – that I only weighed 110 lbs instead of 140. Or 150 instead of 180. I hated the scale and never put one in my bathroom. I looked and felt amazing, but that stigma attached itself to me and I have carried it with me my whole life. Even now – tho I have embraced the full weight of my body (the muscle and the added fat lol) there is still an echo I have to fight hard to ignore every. single. day. When I look in the mirror now, I counter with: I am feminine. I am beautiful. I am strong. And strong is Sexy dammit! This pic should be on a freaking BILLBOARD in every downtown of every city in every country around the world. I LOVE this!!! Thanks Aisha Pitter-Young. You always find the most relevant shit! xo

150 lbs

Nuff said!

Addendum: Women love you no matter your size or weight. Big UPS for the community! <3