Reblogging Praise

It occurred to me that I rarely say thank you to the folks I reblog. Suppose the reblog in itself is a huge thank you for their words…but still.

Thank you.

I love when someone’s words strike the precise chord I’m strung out on. Helps my heart hurt and heal and beat with life.

You are all so fucking talented.

Thank you.

Dear Soul Mate,

Caught me unaware…if I reverse the poet it could be you talking in very specific lines and overall innuendo. Funny how shit just rises up in the oddest and perhaps most opportune moments… Soul mate. Used to believe in those….sigh. I’m out.

Originally posted on The Lightening and The Fire:

here on the street
early morning
under the streetcar wires,
I’ve not gone one full day
without you on my mind but
it tires
it wears me down
to my core
I’ve tried all kinds of women
I promise you
but I’m
In This IPOD of
so many songs stored

I’ve watched you from a far
I know you have done the same
We’re souls mates
who didn’t make it
we’re living with the pain
and trying hard as we can
to live the life we’ve got
I wanted to write another typical egotistical poem this morning
I will

I’m stubborn to a point that I’ll go to my grave
believing it was me and only me that could have ever saved
you even if now you live with and love him
My lighthouse heart still flashes for you
it will never…

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Near You

sigh upon sigh…these words speak to me. the pass is automatic ;)

Originally posted on Read, it's what smart people do!:


I want to do everything all at once:
Read this and write that, hear your voice,
listen to your fears and your dreams.
But mostly I want to feel you:
To be near you.
I want to take all of the grapes
off the vine and eat your pain — swallow it

I want to take my fear and throw it into the
wind — watch it swirl around me,
through me, and release me
into your arms. I want
to dip my toes in the warmth
of your ocean and laugh
at the setting sun
lassoed to the trees.

To be near you
just for an hour
or six
or a weekend
or a lifetime —
tis a dream worth having
even if it never comes true.

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New Moon Love

Tonight is the night of a New Moon

A night when the intentions

Of your greatest desires

Sent out to the Universe

Will have the most power

It’s science. It’s real. It’s energy.


Send it out there

See what happens

You don’t have to understand

Just believe


And if you have to howl

Do it quietly

The neighbors probably

Won’t get it ;)