Coming Out. Gone.

This space. This magical, beautiful place.

Where I’ve cried. And laughed.

Suffered so openly. And loved so honestly…

Which once held all my hopes for a future that was never mine to have

Isn’t serving me

Any more.

It doesn’t matter how I try to re-dress it

The wound still festers deep

But I finally understand

I have been alone in this loving

Alone in this grieving

Alone in my heart

For far, far too long.

I will continue to write. Because I have to write.

To scribe my hearts exploration.

But I will create a new space. Begin with a clean slate.

For I just can’t write it here

Any more.

I need my anonymity



This shell will remain. To preserve the name.

It is mine. And kinda personal.

But this graveyard of loss and memory

Quite simply put


And I need it to stop.

After a long and painful and bitter-sweet learning

The letting go has finally taken place.

Ultimately, you have taught me

That life does go on.

For those of you who took the time, care and patience

To comment and show your support

I’ve recorded your blog names

I’ll find you again

I Promise xo

To the rest of my lovely followers

In love and light, I wish you all that is happy.


And now…

I will flow in my text

Dream in the spaces between the lines

Answer my souls calling

And breathe in the colors of the wind

Fly in my imagination

To a place kind and warm

And just wait for me to show up



Goodbye, Pauline.

This is clear to me now:

In this lifetime

My truth was not meant

For your heart to hear.